Kicking Horse Kootenay Crossing (Light) 454 GM Bag

Brand: Kicking Horse
Product Code: WBKHKC01
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Price: $14.99

As you explore the pristine valleys of Kootenay National Park, you eventually come to 'The Crossing.' One of the original park warden's stations, 'The Crossing' is just a stone's throw from where the turquoise Kootenay River unites with the chocolate brown, glacial-fed Vermillion. Their mingling inspired this light roast of Central American coffee mingled with a hint of Indonesian.

Tasting Notes: Light roast with a sweet, chocolaty flavour

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Note: It is important to store your coffee properly to keep it fresh. Keep at room temperature, sealed in an air-tight container. Avoid plastic containers as your coffee's flavor may be compromised. Once opened, expect to use your coffee beans within a 1 week to 2 week period.

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